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Friday, August 24, 2012

Keeping others from Success!

Keeping others from Success!

Everyone enjoys being appreciated and many people like getting credit for something. It seems to be part of our make-up. Some people do not need as much credit as others do; and many people are reluctant even to take or accept any credit whatsoever.
I have found honesty becomes a better friend than tickling someone's fancy. What is meant by this is; we should give appropriate credit where it is due, and to be honest in our evaluation of it.
If I may go into this a little further; just as "rating a blog" and fixing a little star next to it basically indicates a measure of success, and also indicates what if any information was communicated, and how successful the content was conveyed.
If we give a five star rating to a blog which may lack in content, the transference of a message, or even any pertinent information, we actually may be doing a disservice to the one who wrote the blog. A rating less than five stars is not an indication of a bad blog; in many instances it is an indication that more value can be added to it, and may also indicate the message could use a little adjusting.
In honesty; humans who want to get better at who they are, and what they do; will embrace the lesser star level as a sign that improvement is available.  If we are always giving away our "five star rating" because we don't want to hurt someone’s feelings; this person subconsciously may think no improvement is necessary, and will eventually wonder why success is keeping itself at arm’s length from them.
If we constantly are pulling the wool over someone’s eyes eventually they will not be able to see any more.
If I were to write a blog, and it lacked aspects of being anything less than what was intended I would expect and honest "star rating". If I deserve a 3 star rating on my blog give me a three. Hopefully emotions will not come into play and assumptions will not fester in the mind of the one writing it, if a less than perfect score is given. Honesty helps to develop us; it also brings clarity into areas which we may lack in.
A powerful message can be conveyed in as little as a few paragraphs; it may also be conveyed in as little a few star ratings.  Everyone's honesty will also break the back of mediocrity, and political correctness; which are destructive forces and limits everyone's success. Room for improvement gets us thinking, and acting in a manner which will benefit the ones who embrace it.

1 comment:

  1. What this is in my book, is the way all should practice commenting and reviews. I think you've hit the nail on the head with this Harold. In fact, I found myself in IBO the other day asking myself, "Why did I just do that?". The writer certainly didn't deserve a 5 star rating.

    I think people are simply too afraid of hurting feelings to be honest these days. After reading this, I no longer feel alone in my thoughts and my review ratings will be exactly as they should be from this day forward. Totally Honest!

    Thanks for the reminder and wake up call Harold!

    Enjoy your day my friend! :)


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