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Sunday, November 20, 2011

F5M-Millionaires-Club, And Friends!

F5M Millionaires Club has been around for almost two decades. Thousands of people World Wide have taken advantage of "This one of a Kind"- "Wealth Building System!" It has a uniqueness all it's own, and is Trade Marked. I had come across this Club about this about fifteen years ago while searching the internet, and paid it no mind . I made a mistake!

Many, or should I say most; are unfamiliar with F5M ( Fortune 5 Minutes)- MC( Millionaires Club),
and the potential it has to build wealth, accumulate strength over time, and produce an unlimited supply of residual income. This Patented Wealth Building System  is the most unique system I feel, still on the market today. Mr. John Kielec  is the Founder and President of this history making Club; who resides in Canada!

At one time; a challenge was put out for a payment of $10,000.00 to any one who could prove their system did not work, or payout, as was announced. There were no takers-yet the skeptics still decided to be skeptical; so the ante was upped to $100,000.00. This was all that was needed to close the mouths of the cynical.

F5M-MC has three different levels that anyone with no understanding of Business, or Wealth Building, can join in at, and become a success....

Level 1- Bronze- a $5.00 investment
Level 2- Silver- a $49.00 investment
Level 3-Gold- a $199.00 investment

These are all a onetime payment, and you are a member for life! Each level has it's own significance and complements the other levels. A person has the option to start at whatever level they choose, and do what ever they want with their Business. Of course we all know; if you want your business to grow you have to do the work to make the money. So, if there are expectations to join and just sit on your hind quarters, you will not make any money.

F5M-MC also has a program called Gold Booster, which is also unique in itself; addition income and advertising is given to members who pay for this Service or Plan. Also, this is where your up-line can become your down-line, and vice-versa; which gives everyone equal opportunity to make money.

Another bonus is (30 DAAP) and is paid in-house advertising for thirty days and Guarantees Prospects for the Business Builder, through a unique advertising system that F5M-Mc Uses. You get Guaranteed sign-ups: and if they don't fill that promise within that 30 days, you get a portion or ratio of your advertising investment back. This is a win-win  opportunity for everyone. This is the way to do Business wouldn't you agree?

There are a couple of other opportunities linked directly with F5M-MC, which are WTIA
( Wealth Team International Association ) Run by Mr.Rick Matthews, another Canadian Entrepreneur. Also ( TPOOI4L), "The Power Of One Income 4 Life" which is run by another successful Entrepreneur Mr. Maurice Bernier, and also one of my Mentors . These individuals have known each other for decades , and are friends.

"I find that an opportunity that has been around this long is definitely credible, works well, and delivers the goods as promised!"

These three Unique Opportunities complement each other in a Wealth System that is even today, "Virtually Unmatched!" All of these opportunities can also be used and joined separately, if chosen. To learn more about these opportunities, click on the links in this post and come join us on a win-win Ride to Financial Freedom!

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F5M Millionaires Club

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