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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Sense of Urgency.....

With the advent of social unrest rising worldwide; as sense of urgency is sweeping across the world. Opposition to traditional thinking and action, is being challenged by people who feel they are not being heard,  or listened too for that matter, by the (establishment).

The important things of life seem to be out of reach in the minds of the leadership in power.
The younger generations are truly concerned; with good measure, about the issues of integrity in the leadership of these World Nations. To say the least; the ball has been dropped, and also hidden from view.

The mindset of humanity is becoming a great burden on all forms of social interaction.
Have we let the EGO take hold of total existence; so force,greed and lust becomes the righteousness of evil? I would hope not !!!

It's time for a great awakening to happen everywhere,with all peoples of this Earth!

Only real change can be embraced, "with a virtuous heart", let's not kid ourselves into thinking otherwise!

Yet, there is always hope, and as I witnessed first hand at the Value Voters Summit in Washington,D.C. three weeks ago, new young leaders are taking that stand to fill in, where Adults have decided to "forget doing the right thing!"

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