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Friday, November 18, 2011

"Why I Love Network Marketing!"

Back In the early 90's I was confronted with an opportunity to start a home based business. Not many people were familiar with the potential of a home business back then, and most had good paying jobs, and constant employment. So why would they do something like that?

There were some very profitable one's that I can remember, such as; Melaleuca, Shaklee, Amway, Avon and several others. Most of these Networking Businesses are still around today, and highly profitable for many people. Just think of the transition, of door to door sales, into the age of the information highway. The ability to sustain, grow, and develop into mega corporations that have help hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people to become financially free, or make a couple of extra hundred dollars a month; Is a feat worth honoring!

My Mother had an Avon Business back in my younger years (70's era), and she really loved putting in the time and effort to help others, and supply them the latest Perfumes', Jewelry and such. I remember she would always inform me of the latest cologne for men. Of course since she loved me so much, she would buy me some herself, so I would smell good when we went to church, or I went to school. "She was pretty tactful in her sales approach!" The Products were top of the line, and at a reasonable cost as many of them are today!

So my experience with some of these earlier Entrepreneurs was a great asset to me, and my way of viewing Business and Success. These people were different than many others I knew; They seemed to have a spirit about them, and seemed to know something everyone else didn't. I found that by hanging around and observing them, I was becoming like them. It was like a special family of kind, generous, loving individuals, who would go the extra mile to help someone in need.

This community of Independent Business Owners were unique to say the least. Yet, most of them are like you and I, regular people. But what was it that made them so different? As I kept hanging around these people; all of a sudden it hit me! These people are following their dreams and goals in life. They are creating the lifestyle they WANT to live. They're not just going through the motions of life, and circumstance, they are purposefully living their lives. These people were genuinely passionate about what they were doing!

I found myself being more relate-able with these people, and becoming just like them; passionate, purposeful, relate-able, and having more of a serving mentality. I was one of them now, and there was no turning back. There was nothing back there for me! I could only go forward........

The excitement that is generated when hanging around these people is like no other. I've been to countless functions with a few, too Tens of Thousands at once. I have shared in the victories, and I have shared in the defeats, I have walked the stages in recognition, and cheered the victories of others. We have become a family of like minded people, who care about others, and love to see others win.

Network Marketing has defined in many ways the New Leader! These leaders are like no other; simply because they are not appointed-their leadership is deserved. They've decided to take responsibility to become a leader through their own effort. A servant leader. This is also one of my passions and purposes in life. I find that most networking leaders are better equipped and have better values, and principles, than most appointed ones.

The main point that I am conveying here is; this excitement, these principle led people, these dream followers, these givers of hope, and prosperity, are unmatched in my opinion, in most communities and organizations of the world. We seem to be a great shining light in a world that needs a helping hand; and this my friends is "Why I Love Network Marketing"

Shine your light!

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