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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Turning your Rejections into Success!

What is it that makes a winner into a winner?
Who is it that decides to overcome, and succeed?
What is it that makes a champion, a champion?
How is it that some succeed, and most don't?
Where is the key that opens the door to success?
Why are you able to win under adversity?
When do we know that we cannot be defeated?

Let's look at the foundation of these questions!
I can say that it all starts with being honest with ourselves, and asking ourselves some very tough questions. It isn't enough that we become aware of these truths. The real victories that we attain, or achieve, come when action is applied on a continual basis. We can kid ourselves and lie to ourselves all we want too. Yet, by doing so we have already negated any chance we have at success.

Most people are 2 or 3 no's away from defeat. Why is it that a couple of no's kills the dreams of millions of people a day? Yet, most think it's ok to live enslaved by a system who cares nothing about them, their family, or their success.

Who is responsible in for the individuals success?
Who is responsible for the individuals failure?

The individuals are responsible in every circumstance, and will determine it's affect on them.
Giving up because it's too hard, seems like a good excuse, and blaming others has become the norm in today's society. These foolish lies are just a scapegoat to oblivion!

I have a book called; You're broke because you want to be! Author; Larry Winget. I find the book very intriguing, to say the least. The main focus of the book is getting people to understand that "Choice" is our friend, or our enemy.

Let us reflect on this countries ( USA ) government run and manipulated education system.
What is the purpose of taking out the liberal arts in education? Answer: To keep people from using and developing their gifts and talents. Why would they do something like that you might ask? Answer: It is easier to control people and keep them in mental bondage of course.
When people are controlled mentally, a government can control them, and feed them with deceit, and manipulate their direction in life.

When a person develops their gifts and talents, they become an unstoppable force. When a person is aware, they are able to challenge the mediocre mindset, and see they have been lied to for generations. Great leaders arise out of these revelations, and challenge those who force their agendas on the ignorant and unknowing. Are you one of these leaders? Unfortunately, many who are enslaved into thinking they are worthless, and will never do anything of significance in life; they are being setup to a life of failure, discouragement and frustration.

"Who", is able to take rejection after rejection and use it as motivation to succeed? Answer: The one who embraces this rejection and learns from it. Rejection and failure are all a part of success, it's just the way things are. When a person takes a different approach or perspective on this issue; they may come to a realization that in all matters, life is filled with this.

It really doesn't matter if you loose in life, we all do; it's how you view it, and respond to it!
If a (the average) person believes they are going to get rich quick, and this is the way it is; I say to this person wake-up, and here's your sign. We need to take a realistic approach on what it takes to be successful in life.

Here are some thoughts.
1.Success takes time!
2.Rejection is a part of success, and sometimes a major part!
3.Vision, Goals, Plan, Work
4.PDCA= Plan, do, check, adjust/ Course correction technique
5.Be realistic
6.Find your Purpose, and Find your Passion
7.Follow the leaders; Duplicate what they do
8.Personal development is a must: read good books, go to seminars, listen to cd's, etc...
9.Find a Mentor
10.Attitude=Winners never quit, and quitters never win!
11.Commitment and perseverance regardless of circumstance

You are the Master of your own fate, you are accountable for your own success, you are in charge of educating yourself. I would have to say; if you listen to someone who is telling you that you are not good enough, or will never do anything worthwhile in life: It may be time to get new friends?

Success takes time, and sometimes it can be frustrating; But remember, It's by our CHOICE that we decide weather or not we take rejection and turn it into success !!!

Rock on brothers and sisters, Harold Lamma

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