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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Political LIE

Upon further observation:
The Political LIE- to all my facebook friends, and enemies!

It is in consideration and choice that I do not watch much TV. The way of the media, hollywood, judicial system, education system, commerce, governments, politics and the such; have reached it's apex of stupidity and foolishness. It seems that the "intellect of man" has proven itself incapable of any morality whatsoever, and lacks true comprehension of realty.

The lie of the world, and the ones running it have given themselves over to the lack of understanding (comprehension), greed, force, manipulation, arrogance, money, and of course PRIDE- the ultimate destroyer-. There is a sense of lost hope in the minds of these individuals who proclaim they are in service to humanity, and at the same time reaching in your pocket stealing every thing you have worked hard for all of your life.

I see and sense despair as these entities are loosing their grip on the control of Good Peoples minds, and lives; as these good people are waking up to the fact that what these "corporate fictions" have created is an illusion . A bitter sweet end for those who lack integrity and have no sense of righteousness whatsoever. The "ego strokers" in the political arena are disconnected from the people by choice, and voluntarily give their souls over to evil and disgusting action, and purpose.

Yet; many are still trapped in the illusion of this "agenda of supreme control".
Example: You are the dog; the "corporate fiction" is the one holding the leash; the leash represents the law... If the dog gets out of line, the corporate fiction tugs the leash, and screams commands for the dog to behave. What has this world come to?

The prideful nature which has gripped the minds of those in power; in politics; is based in the lusts of greed and control. It seems the dark commander of their souls has brought a total disregard to do what is right, and has fulfilled it 's destiny in creating its own illusion inside of these people in power. This is a lost soul possibly never to be recovered again.

Most if not all people who trap themselves into this illusion do it by choice in total disregard of any truth. Most see truth as the enemy; yet in fact it is the "Best Allie" one could ever have. The rebellious nature of man has proven itself over and over again by the VOMIT which it creates constantly and consistently. Possibly a terrifying why to be; confusion loves to blind all mankind, and short circuit his/her ability to function and think correctly... leaving the subject incapable of distinguishing truth from fiction. Thus by doing so; the person is easily controlled and/or led astray.

These mental dysfunctions techniques (brain washing) are used all the time by those in powerful positions - mainly political and commerce-!

It seems the world is at a tipping point now; unsure of which direction they should hold. Yet in truth; we all know what is the right path; because it burns inside us like a fire in our conscience. Fear is one of the greatest tactics used by these powerful individuals, and disbelief can snatch a mans soul right from his own body; forever lost in the dark void and the burning flames of anguish.

There is an AGENDA my friends, and enemies!

The world is living a lie and people are falling over these maggots who have us believing they are doing us a favor. Discernment is a gift of God... don't take for granted the power of the ONE who created you!

~Milk of Magnesia~

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