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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fear of Fear

As the foundations of mans existence is being challenged, the rampant fact of fear seems to be prevailing in the minds of people all across this nation and around the world. Fortunately there are many whom refuse to be stricken with this deadly mind altering phenomena. That fact of fear in itself is part of the emotional intelligence quotient, and is experienced by every individual on planet earth.Why is it that so many people are virtually paralyzed by fear, yet many use it as a tool to overcome obstacle's and engage in purpose, to find solutions? The emotions that we all have are in us for our learning experience, yet mass media, improper education, and just plan old ignorance is destroying the very fabric of the champions that people really are meant to become.

In reality fear is just an emotion, it has no real structure. It is a mindset we choose to let control our lives either in the positive or the negative.Fear can be used to keep us from harm or stop us from a life of significance, or it can be used to tear down walls of mediocrity. Fear can make us lazy, unsure, and give us excuse-itis. The fear emotion was originally instilled in us to provide protection, and keep us from personal harm. Yet, media and other outlets of information have used it to suppress and deny the multitudes of the truth, dreams and goals, which they do not want them to achieve. A control issue comes into play with a statement of this very nature.

As we look at the overall picture of the human potential, we can be confident in knowing that power and control in organizations around the world, along with political agendas, are the main force behind this explosive bombardment of fear related subjects. Bad news and an seemingly unending supply of stupidity is being produced in culture after culture. The truth of this matter is relevant to everyday life, because the agendas of the powerful want to control our minds and actions. Their function is to have people to rely on them, and not think for themselves. They want your mind and your money.

You have the ability to disagree with this statement if you choose. But, if you look around with an open mind, and can discern truth from lies, you will see through common sense that this is truth. The reality of controlled minds, means people don't have to think for themselves anymore, and can be lead in a direction of the controlling controller. As you wander around with a sense of disparity, no direction, mental fatigue, an unhealthy lifestyle, have a willingness to see what is going on around you. Accept that reality, and watch people, and how they react out of frustration, worry, anger and the other negative emotions. Fear and negativity cannot bring forth positive life results if reacted to. Response to these feelings can on the other hand produce the fruit necessary to bring forth a desired outcome.

I encourage you to open your mind to the truth, and let your spirit lead you in your purpose in life, not some one else's agenda. The fact that fear is a real emotion, and sometimes is experienced through the fight or flight response, can be a powerful adversary if used in context. Equipping us to overcome and find answers to proverbial menacing situations. The champions of thought, in using fear as a motivator is exciting to the point of disbelief to those that let it control any action, or have no idea how to overcome it.

Everyone who has ever accomplished anything of greatness, has had to deal with some source of fear. Yet, they decided to act in-spite of it, and became victorious in the quest of life. We all have that same opportunity to act in-spite of, to overcome any challenge that may come our way, and to put fear in its place. You will find that most things we fear never really come to fruition, and never happen. It is a false reality that we made up in our mind.

Set yourself up for victory and success, act in-spite of fear! What do you really have to lose?


  1. I agree, ElectricHman! Nicely put. Fear is a form of protection. We will only be successful when we learn to overcome fear. My website also focuses on being successful. Check it out:

  2. Thanks griplenski,
    I appreciate the feedback, and thanks for the link to your blog also. I'll be sure to check it out.I'm always open to new knowledge and understanding.



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