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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Opportunity in these new times!

It has been said that; "opportunity waits for no man"!. I would have to agree with this statement! The functions of life and opportunity itself continues rather if we decide to join in or not. These new times of endless prosperity, abundance, blessings, and Click Here!">opportunity are just waiting for use to grab onto it and make it our own.

Everyday opportunity comes our way, and people come from all over the world to America, to share in the splendor of this truth. We live in the most opportunistic society on planet earth. New relationships, networking, jobs, business, and the like, is everywhere we look. Yet,are we able to distinguish what is right in front of our very noses?

So the economy is bad, you lost your job, car, home, marriage, or maybe a mixture of all those things. So what do we do now? Do we sit home and complain, cry, blame, play the victim role, or do we stand and ask, seek, and knock? We can do all these things if we choose to! Should we wait and see, or should we seek and find. I feel we should do the later. When we put action into play, we are actually attracting blessing and opportunity into our lives.

When we FIRST give, then we receive. When we FIRST seek, then we find. When we FIRST knock, then it shall be opened. When it comes to living an abundant life, there is structure and order to it, and we must FIRST act to get the results we want. It Sure isn't going to happen sitting in front of the (DREAM STEALER), I mean television, or playing video games all day.

Well, you lost your job. What are you going to do now? Maybe learn a new skill, or growing personally, following your passion. May your working in the Job you really hate in the first place. How are you going to make yourself more valuable in the market place? This question and your life depends on that statement. The education is out there. Go buy some good books from the book store that have already achieved what you want in life, go to a seminar, get some cd's, and duplicate what they do.

Your marriage went sour, so are both of you going to fix it, or just let it evaporate into nothingness. It takes two giving 100% for that relationship to be successful. If it is beyond repair; I say their is more fish in the sea. Do your very best to serve your mate and be kind, and look at the best qualities of their lives, not the bad stuff. We all have bad stuff in us, so lets look and work in the good, to complete, uplift, love and enjoy each other.

Business opportunities are everywhere! Home businesses are on the rise and make up approx 25% of all business in this country. We are the land of opportunity, why do you think all the foreigners love to come to America? They sure aren't afraid to take a little risk and make things happen. I see more successful foreigners in this country than citizens born in this country, Why is that? I know the answer, its because Americans love to blame, complain, make excuses, stay lazy, and feel sorry for themselves. You can disagree with that last statement, yet from my experience, this is what i see.

I was unskilled at a time in my life, yet i made a CHOICE no matter what the cost, or how long it took, to make the life I wanted to live. I refused to live a life of complacency and mediocrity, and you can too! To this Day I drink from the wisdom of those whom have come before me, and it will not stop until the last breath I take. If it won't kill you, JUST DO IT!

My success was made because I decided to learn something new, and to change my life into what I wanted it to be, not what some wanted it to be. Take charge of your life, follow your passion, charge the hill! You are responsible and accountable for your life and success, not someone else.

Find solutions to you problems, overcome the obstacles in your way, do some research, ask some questions, start a networking home business, start a blog and make some money, get your time back, live your DREAM, because only you have one chance to get it right, and "opportunity waits for no man".

Now is the time to act, not when you feel like it, or feel better, or when things should be just right! If you make your life decisions on your feeling, you will miss the ">opportunity right in front of your face. Does that mean you should jump on everything that comes your way? No, just do your homework and make the decision. If you can't make your own decisions, some one else will run your life for you!

80% of success comes from just showing up!
Have a great day!

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