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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions!

Now that the new year is upon us, we seem to get excited about the possibilities of this coming 365 days.
Some of the excitement is derived from a new and fresh start on life, a new beginning. 
Many, or should I say most will make the commitment to make the resolution, yet, a select few will actually follow through with this commitment. On the average, only approx. 3% will actually follow through and stick to it.

This un-commitment is actually harmful to the psyche, and gives the person making it a false sense of security. The reason for this is that the resolution was not made to really be accomplished. It was made to quite the EGO more times than not. Those who do decide to follow through and persevere, will build more confidence for themselves and a sense of excitement will develop in the individual. This excitement will actually help drive this individual  to try new and more wonderful things in the future.

Many wonder why they seem to never get a good break in life. I would conclude, the major dysfunction to this feeling, is the fact that they never follow through with their desires or resolutions.
Most give up so easily when a little bit of resistance comes their way. Most make the trivial matters such a BIG DEAL,  and in reality these road blocks are there for a reason. They come into play to see if the resolution that we have made is what we really want. With any success, there is always obstacles!

 It is up to us to overcome these obstacles and press forward, and to make the goal a worthy adventure.
It seems we have raised a culture, of quitters, excuse makers, complainers, and not "Champions". There are those who will press forward and reach their goals. These select few will reap the benefits of their perseverance. They will receive their just reward!

But all is not lost to those who decide to give up and quit. Yes, these people can always start over again as many times as they want, until they reach their desired goal. People who decide to stick to the plan no matter what the cost, are the ones who are the difference makers in the world. These "Difference Makers", so to speak, are not any better than anyone else, they just decide not to be a quitter. Wow, what a transformational concept!

Putting reality issues into perspective can be very invigorating. A sense of accomplishment  is great mental victory, and can actually create a more substantial drive in that individual. Shallow commitments do not work. They may make our EGO feel good temporarily, yet is short lived. With a committed attitude we can be sure the "follow through" will be a victory. All is not lost, unless we give up and quit.

With live in a culture with unprecedented opportunity and abundance. Yes, even in these hard times that many feel we are going through. I have found out through time, effort, experience, and the such, that we get what we expect, and it usually comes through our ACTIONS. If we constantly let ourselves down by quitting and thinking negatively, we get our just reward. If we made commitments and followed through until the end, we would be satisfied, and find joy in the accomplishment.

Only time will tell if we are full of false and misleading promises, with the results we get in life. These realities can be very rewarding, helping us to become AWARE of what we are really doing. Things are only hard "If"
we think they are. We make, or should I say CREATE the life we lead! If we keep moving forward until we reach the goal, things are so much better.

 Most people's resolutions are either MONEY or HEALTH related. Why not do both at the same time with one vehicle to get you there.

 I would hope that all reach their goals, dreams and resolutions in this new year!

                            "2011 is going to be a great year"!

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